About Veegoo

Established in 2010, VEEGOO Technology Co. Ltd. is located in Foshan (Guangdong), one of the most advanced manufacturingindustry hubs in China. With around 250 employees, VEEGOO dominates the Chinese market in quartz plants and resin lines.
VEEGOO's management team and technical staff are among the top professionals in the Chinese stone industry and account for more than 35% of VEEGOO's total workforce. In recent years, VEEGOO has also established cooperation with foreign consultants, technology specialists, and hi-tech foreign companies to improve technologies and services.
A key element of VEEGOO's success has been the ability to provide end-to-end support to its customers, from the initial transfer of know-how to the continuous improvement of products and processes. VEEGOO's internal laboratories can perform any test on raw materials and assist customers in the development of special products and designs. Finally, investment in production
equipment and Research & Development has greatly contributed to VEEGOO's rapid technological development. VEEGOO's customers, many of them top players in the global Quartz and Stone industry, certify their products according to the strictest international standards, including ISO, NSF, CE, Greenguard, SGS, GMC, MA, ilac-MRA, and CNAS.