Managing Director Message

Christina Deng

Christina Deng

Years ago, I turned from a history teacher to a salesman; it is the first turning point of my life. From a new comer to a general manager in the stone industry, my life has undergone a significant change. Also China, from establishing special economic zones, has under gone a significant change and this transformation is ongoing.

The quantity-driven years are now behind us and we find ourselves in the quality-driven phase. Some see this transition as a threat. We prefer to think of it as a great opportunity to grow and improve our product and reputation in the world market.

With independent R&D, proprietary technology, self production, VEEGOO wins the favor of customers all over the world, sales network expands continuously.

Today, as a hidden-champion, VEEGOO will continue to focus on technology and innovation, and devote himself in creating more intelligent and modern and life style.

The future is in our hands!