Quartz Storage System

Quartz Storage System

The quartz storage system includes the silos for the quartz powder and the quartz grits.

All silos are made of stainless steel (AISI 304).

They can be supplied by VEEGOO or procured locally by the customer so as to avoid transport costs. The design of the silos and supervision of the installation are carried out by VEEGOO.

The quartz storage system must ensure loading efficiency (simple, safe, and ergonomic operations) and prevent any possible quartz contamination, especially important for Super White production.


Quartz Powder Storage

There are various solutions available:

  • 2 dedicated silos (110 m³ each)
  • 2 dedicated silos (80 m³ each)
  • 2 silos (10 m³ each) from the grits storage section

The powder is poured directly from the bags into a tank and then sent to the powder silos by means of a pneumatic system.

From the bottom of the silos, the powder is conveyed by means of screw conveyors (made of stainless steel) to the weighing silo and then directly into the mixers, also by means of a pneumatic system.