Technical innovation awards 2017

Vertical Resin Lines

Good news: Veegoo’s vertical resin line receives technical innovation awards of China building material industry

In the 11th technical innovation awards of China building material machinery industry, Veegoo’s vertical resin line receives first prize of technical development.

This awards which is organized by China Building Material Machinery Association, inviting the experts of building material machinery industry as judges, has high authority and technicality. In the high competition, the first prize only has three. Veegoo’s vertical resin line is the only one of stone machinery.

The awards of Veegoo shows its leading position of stone machinery industry. Let’s congratulate the main designers: Mr. Qiu Jianping, Mr. Zhu Shiyang, Mr. Zeng Qianyong, Mr. Qin Qinghong and Mr. Hua Changheng, and thank all the Veegooers who joined the project!

Every Veegooers’ effort and struggle makes Veegoo’s today. To be the respectable international company, we will make persistent and do better in the future!

Vertical resin line development history