Top-level Quartz Process Expert Energize Veegoo

As an international enterprise, what can we provide besides the high standard product and service?
As Veegoo customers, what can you get besides excellent equipments and service?
Veegoo also provides you the serice from international talents, the training from international experts, brings you the top-level process technology.



                                                    Dr. Pierpaolo Tassone

28 years of whole quartz industry experience, from the equipment, to the production and raw material

8 years of head of R&D department of Breton

16 years of technical director of Italy Quarella

Over 20 years of director of A.St.A. Worldwide, and develop quartz industry standard

Consultant of Diresco, Quartzform, Stone Italian, Cimstone, Dupond and other quartz manufactories



Veegoo appoints quartz industry top-level expert Dr. Pierpaolo Tassone as the technical consultant, and invite him to visit Veegoo, to train Veegoo key staffs and our customers about the knowledge of quartz industry. Mr. Pier often travels around the world and gives the trainings, but, it is his first time that carry on a systematic training of quartz industry in China.


November 19-21, Dr. Pier gave a training to our key staffs. The technicians from Turkey, India, Vietnam, and China other places all came back to Veegoo to attend the training to get more knowledge and ability to provide high service to our customers.


Training program