Performance Description of Polishing Line

Rigidity of beam is increased to reduce the vibration and improve the evenness. The swing speed of beam is fast and high-frequency. It is smooth to change direction and high efficiency. Calibrating head is a swing structure which Veegoo patented to make the slab smoother. Calibrating head has a special patent cooling structure resulting in more effective cooling effect, less abrasive wear and reduce production cost.

Equipped with a new polishing head to reduce the frequency of change abrasive, increase the working efficiency, low down production cost, and improve the uniformity, gloss and quality of polishing. The width and cross cutters are equipped with a waste collection system, which can automatically collect the waste and reduce one manual operation. The whole line is less occupation with high utilization rate of workshop.

Main Specification

Working speed
Max 0.5-1.5 m / min
Swing speed
Max 50 m / mim
Working width
Max 1,700 mm (2,100 mm can be optional)
Working thickness
(10-50) mm
Water Consumption
1,350 L / min
Total power
1,060 Kw
Air pressure
≥0.6 MPa
Overall Dimension
110,000 x 8,000 x 2,700 mm
Total Weight
150 Ton