Quartz Slab Plants

1With VEEGOO, you are guaranteed to get value for your money. We are convinced that our price-performance ratio is absolutely irresistible.
Maybe yes, but manual lines cannot be compared to automatic lines. The initial investment may be lower, but it will lead to higher production costs, lower quality and reliability, and a limited range of designs. Last but not least, quality in manual lines can be achieved through the use of skilled personnel only, but repeatability will be unavoidably compromised.
2What is the most difficult thickness to manufacture?
Achieving a 15 mm thickness is more challenging than a 20 mm or 30 mm one because it requires greater control over the accuracy of the process.
3What are the main issues when producing Super White slabs?
Raw material and contamination! Only top quality quartz must be used, and it is crucial to ensure a clean channel from start to finish of the production line in order to prevent flaws or contamination.
4What about cleaning times?
This is a key issue. Cleaning downtime can be minimized through proper design, correct layout, efficient enclosures, adequate handling, and ensuring materials that come into contact with raw material and the finished slab are free from contaminating agents. On average, every 2 hours there is a 15 minute clean up.
5What are the most common defects in a quartz slab?
Pinholes, watermarks, deformation (flatness), lumps, and irregular patterns.
6What yearly production (m²/y) can be achieved?
It strictly depends on lot size, lot mix, color changes, and production planning. Normally 200,000 to 500,000 m².
7What about the price of quartz slabs?
It can vary significantly according to color and design. Presently in China, it ranges from 50 USD/m² to more than 200 USD/m². Since quality and automation account for higher prices and higher margins, it follows that manual lines cannot offer the level of profitability provided by an automatic line.
8From a financial point of view, what are the figures to be considered when buying a quartz slab plant?
Price is undoubtedly an important factor. However, more importantly are the returns on investment (ROI) and the payback period. These are strictly related to product quality and repeatability, equipment efficiency and reliability (MTBF), and production flexibility. Simply put, the level of profitability provided by an automatic line cannot be achieved with a manual line.

Vertical Resin Lines

1What is the difference between a traditional horizontal resin line and a vertical resin line?
Traditional horizontal lines need more space. Drying and curing are difficult to manage, process temperatures are higher and sometimes dual component resins cannot reach optimal performance.
2What kind of stones can VEEGOO resin lines process?
Any stone, even quartz slabs (engineered stone).
3How does the oven's heating system operate?
On gas or electricity as per client request.
4Can VEEGOO provide customized resin lines?
Of course. We have four standard lines composed of automatic modules, which can be assembled in different ways and, eventually, integrated with specific modules designed according to customer needs.
5What is the best VEEGOO resin line?
The one that is designed by both the customer and us.
6 Can VEEGOO's robot handle slabs with cracks or holes?
Yes, because each cup is connected in parallel.
7What are VEEGOO's design principles?
We try to optimize layout and details to the highest possible level; we use proper materials and adopt high quality components, and we pay attention to every possible installation detail. As a result, our lines have been statistically shown to offer a long Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).
8How many slabs per hour are produced?
Up to 30 slabs per hour for front and back-netting and up to 30 to 45 slabs per hour for front only.
9Do vertical resin lines use more glue?
10What is the purpose of the vacuum process?
It helps resin penetration and makes retouching possible. We also provide shelves to store slabs for seasoning at ambient pressure.
11What are the main areas in which VEEGOO presents room for improvement?
We are a relatively young company keen on going global, and going global means being able to provide a sales support network. We are gradually establishing this network, starting with the most strategic countries, but it will take time before we have a truly global presence.
12What is the main advantage of using VEEGOO?
With VEEGOO, you are guaranteed to get value for your money. We are convinced that our price-performance ratio is absolutely irresistible.